Scrambled eggs

by Smooth Out

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Smooth Out Orio Al Serio, Italy

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A band has found its formula with elements of the old school that are a backbone of modern space which is not bad at all. "
So are defined by the magazine 'Rock Sound'.

"If they take out the right 'incazzo', can split the whole" (
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Track Name: Red (on) tube
Let's fuck tonight
and for the rest of our days. Again.
Take your pants off
and don't be afraid of
the dick between your two
giant tits..
Excuse me, can I put in your pussy
for a deeper check?
Scream a lot
It will like to all of us
Grab my nuts
and use your lips for this act
Turn your back on me and
keep warming it up
So please, swallow all my semen
in reward for it

Take my cock in your mouth and
lick it with your tongue, oh yeah!
This would be really ok..
Just.. Put it down your throat.. It's so great!
Can I invite here my friend,
a gorgeous Asian female?
Her tight hole seems me so wet..
I'd like a threesome in this bed!

Let me smell your pink beaver
I'm really glad to see it shaved
Your butt is making me mad,
I will try to give it a quick glance..
I like to wake up with an
amazing smile on my face
Would you satisfy this will
with a great blowjob and
your hands?

Let's do it on the table and
Everywhere I can spank your ass
Your smile is so good
but I prefer your breast
Don't be shy, I know you like it
Use your feet, I know it's a cool gift
Make my testicles fell well
Titty - fuck and I'll find my luck
Don't be shy, I know you like it
Close your eyes, I know you love it
Open your mouth, let me come in it
Track Name: Raw temptation
I don't wanna
put to the test
my uptight nerves
sometime again,
I can't justify you
and the reason why you
only think to overcome
the other's mind
while yours deeply
is kept by fucking lies

I don't try to figure out
the things that I can't know
'cause maybe I don't waste time
not to trust your smiles
So.. It's something I find miserable
your dirty trick on me
and by now all the times
you check my eyes
what do you pretend they say?

Stay across the room,
I think I'm leaving soon
Please don't compel me
to lose my reason once again
All I hope to know,
all hope to hear
is something from the outside
and not your whinings from behind,
your attempts to seem true inside
I don't leave disorder,
staying in your hidden corner
and I did not.. So what the hell did
cross your mind?
Now you should think to shovel
all the shit you've hoarded
on your own,'cause I will not help you

And this time,
all I'd want to understand is what you need
all I want now you to do is shut your mouth
Can't take anymore these words coming not from
you but from someone that you hide behind.